Kiwi solver running in the background

Hi everyone (and in particular @anna_kiwi3d, to whom I thank once again for this plugin!)
Is there a way of having the Kiwi solver running in the background?
I’m automating form-finding by running Kiwi multiple times, and for every iteration, a CMD window pops up, which makes it impossible to work on something during that process.
Thanks in advance, Eduardo

yes, there is! if you right-click on the solver component, you can check two options.
The first one only hides the shell window, meaning that you can work in other programs. The second disables also the freezing of the canvas. Consequently, you can also use GH and Rhino. However, this option is not possible if you use loops as e.g. with Galapagos as they will not wait for the results of Kiwi.

Hi Anna, thanks for the quick reply.
That’s what I’m doing, not with Galapagos but with Design Space Exploration (Design Space Exploration | Food4Rhino). I’m also using NodeInCode so I might be able to force them to wait for Kiwi. I’ll update if I get anywhere.
Best, Eduardo

just to be clear, the first option of only blocking the shell window can be used with those optimization loops. Only Rhino and GH are blocked while the loop is running.