Galapagos and Kiwi3D

after long searches I have found out that Galapagos returns “undefined” results because it can not receive calculation results from Kiwi3D. If I understand well, Kiwi3D is too slow, Galapagos is itterating too fast.
Is there a solution to delay the steps for Glapagos? (30.3 KB)

The script is at a beginning, I plan to add more genoms… but first, it should work.

Thank you.

Hey, it is definitely possible to use Kiwi within the a Galapagos routine. You just cannot use the No Freeze option in the menue of the IGA solver component as this is blocking the routine from waiting on the result.

Is it so simple? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, vielen Dank!