Grasshopper slow, even when solver is locked

I recently switched a project to use GH in Rhino 8, and ever since then my session freezes for several seconds (as if it’s computing the entire canvas), every time I connect two components.

This happens even if the component isn’t connected to anything else that would force a compute, and also happens when the entire solver is locked. Is this an issue that anyone else is having?


this happens to me when I have a parameter on the canvas with really a lot of data internalized, even with solver locked it just slows everything down

We’ll need more info to be able to help, is it possible to post an example and your SystemInfo (via Rhino command line)?

This sounds similar to large projects that get sticky when connecting wires, you often need to turn off some or all of the Autosave features.


Thanks for the tip. I will test that as I have same problem as @inno

This was it! Thanks for the tip.