Kinetic quad panel design and movement with sun

Hello, I have been working on a project where icreated a kinetic facade 4 sided, But some how it works on straight surface but when i use custom curved surface it doesnt work and some error pops up. So i want this to adjust to a curvy surfaces to apply the pattern.
And in the second step im trying to connect it to the script im taking help from is RMIT facade script which i have in the gh file attached. I want to use my pattern in step 1 in that results so that it controls with sun movement like point attractor.
Many thanks !
patterns (281.9 KB)


i used lunchbox

I know that, but only after downloading and opening your file. My post was a warning to others.

Iam not sure what it means maybe check this one out? i only have an issue of converting the panels from 3 to 4.
check this (290.0 KB)

It means I don’t have Lunchbox and don’t want to install it.

Okay joseph, Sorry for misunderstanding and is there any other way around to avoid making it with lunchbox?

I wouldn’t know. Many people use Lunchbox, someone else will help you.

Okay thanks joseph !

To avoid this situation in the future, you can use the ‘Lunchbox’ tag for topics related to this plugin. I added it to this topic.

Okay Sure martin ! Thankyou!

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