LunchBox - Panels

Hi everyone,

I want to ask you, how can I apply boxes on ‘Staggered Quad Panels’.

In attachment you can see two algorithms, but only one (no. 1) is working.

What should one do to make second one work?

Thank you in advance. (16.7 KB)

i didn’t really inspect why version2 isn’t working…

but here’s an alternate approach which seems simpler (and uses only standard GH components) (11.8 KB)

Thank you,
But I need another pattern on a base. It must to be like a brick wall, not just a grid.
It’s a reason, why I use lunchbox -‘Staggered Quad Panels’.

oh… ok.
with lunchbox then, that’s a little easier than my other idea: (9.0 KB)

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Thank you so much!

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