Keyboard input redirected to Rhino

It happens quite often (not able to understand when and why this happens)
keyboard input starts getting redirected to the Rhino prompt.
This makes grasshopper interface unusable , since anything I type like CTRL-C to copy a component
or input a text into a panel gets ignored by GH

has anybody seen this problem ?

I think I head @DavidRutten was able to pinpoint a repeatable pattern for this. Possibly.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Can’t remember if I did. Keystrokes are send to Rhino by default since Rhino has a command line that can consume them. But exceptions should be made for keystrokes that result in menu shortcut combos.

If you were to hit the C key ever so slightly earlier than the Ctrl key you would see this, but it’s also possible there’s some bug somewhere.

a short video that shows the behavior, delete keystroke in the beginning not CTRL-C

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Is there any solution to this already? I’m facing the same issue in newest Rhino v6. Only way how I found to solve it is to restart whole Rhino.