Keystroke in grasshopper ends up in rhino6, how to resolve?

Hi all,

I’m having the issue actually for a long time since Rhino5. It happens randomly that keystroke in grasshopper ends up in rhino, and I couldn’t find a way to figure out why.
e.g. If I click a component and click ‘delete’ in grasshopper, it doesn’t work in grasshopper but shows the command in rhino.
In Rhino5, we could use the command ‘unload grasshopper plugin’ and reload the grasshopper to resolve the problem. However, there’s no such command in Rhino6 and each time I have to close both the gh and rhino and restart the sotfware. Since the problem happens quite often, and affect the working effiency a lot. I would like to ask if there’s any solution to this issue.

Many thanks!

Hi @vicki

does this problem only happen with button toggles/“button customization scripts”/refreshing scripting in Grasshopper, or also in normal definitions with only standard components?

My understanding is that such scripts interfere with Grasshopper solution and trigger the problem.
@DavidRutten might be able to tell more.

Hi @piac

Thanks for your reply. It happens in normal definitions with standard components. I didn’t find a clue of a special circumstance of happening this.

Thanks @vicki

which Rhino Service Release (SR) are you using? I think that David address part of this problem in a late Rhino 6 SR.

Hi @piac

I’m using the Rhino 6 SR7. Many thanks!

This does happen with certain components/workflows, most often requiring a restart of rhino to fix. You can typically still add to the definition, move stuff around & use the copy/paste/delete found in the edit pulldown.

If you are able to pinpoint anything, this would surely help @DavidRutten.

Please update to SR21, there is no way to assist a very old Service Release. Service Release updates are free. Here the download link.

There have been a few threads about it where David has responded. I believe the cause is known just not globally preventable. I know of a few plugin components that do it consistently, but there are still occasional occurrences that so far appear random.

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