Keep point groups when projecting them through single node?

I want to avoid having to use six separate projection nodes, but I would like to have the output list of the projection separated into 6 parts, according to the point groups on the input side. It must be a really basic thing I’m missing, but how can I accomplish this? Thank you!

if you graft your point nodes, they will stay separated into their own data trees

Thank you so much!

Actually, sorry — it seemed to work at first, but I noticed that this produces 12 data sets instead of 6. The maximum number of points in one of the six data trees is 12, so I assume it is creating 12 data trees and adding the matching indices of the 6 sources… Is that correct? And if so, how do I fix it?

Can you share this part of file?
Maybe you can use Entwine component and plug it to Point input or use Trim Tree with Point output

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indeed… I was fuzzy:

That worked perfectly! Thank you both.