How to filter points out of data tree's?


In my last thread : How to group points or filter them with datatree? - #2 by HS_Kim, Kim found the solution to map data tree’s to different outputs. That was the first solution that i seekd but now im kind of stuck how i can filter or select a group of points out of the data so i can make the Polylines between certain points that i only select and not all of them like its done now.

Is there a way I can filter this data so i can group a couple of points that i select and then use a Polyline on it?

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this is your data structure on the output of the bottom path mapper:

you can use the Retrieve Branch component to retrieve a single entire branch (white) or multiple entire branches at the same time (cyan)

or use a Tree Item to retrieve specific items from one or more specific branches (green)

if you are going to do further manipulation on your data tree, it can be useful to know you can activate the Renumber option on the Tree Branch component (right click on it → Renumber Paths)


Thank you Inno! This is what i was looking for. Didn’t knew that i could use the tree branch to select data from a given tree. i was used to use ListItem, but that doenst work with data tree’s. Thanks again!

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

you can also use List Item on data trees, it will just operate on all the branches simultaneously
for instance here retrieving item at index 2 from all the branches of your data tree

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