How to group points or filter them with datatree?


I can’t really figure out how to fix this problem. At the moment i have made a grid where i want to copy the points to different heights as levels. But i want to make lines to both dirrections of the points that i have made by now. As you can see the points are grouped in the Z direction per height. I tried to flip the matrix so i can make lines between the points in the X and Y directions, but i can only get one direction. Is there a way to split these groups of points or create a data tree where i can control the points to go to which group? I have uploaded my file as well.


Giorgio (14.8 KB) (14.0 KB)

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Thank you Kim! That is what I wanted to get as a result.

One more question Kim, if i want make lines/poly line to a certain point, for example i want to make a line from point 0 in the row till the middel one. How can i do that with the mapped data?