Data Tree Question

So I have a grid of points that has each Columns as a tree branch. {0;0;0} - {0;0;5} I would like to copy that grid up 7 times being able to retain the original tree structure but can’t seem to figure it out. What I would like in the end it something like this {0;0;0}-{0;0;5},{0;1;0}-{0;1;5},{0;2;0}-{0;2;5}…{0;6;0}-{0;6;5}. I though shifting the data tree on the input translation vector would do it but it doesn’t. If I flatten the incoming point list then I get the correct amount of points I am after just not it the right data tree order.

Data tree (14.5 KB)

Like so? Data tree (19.1 KB)

Ah gotcha. I grafted the wrong input. I was thinking of the list of points as “whole item” that I wanted to copy multiple times. Instead I should have been thinking about it the other way. Thanks a bunch for setting me straight.