Karamba Mesh Anylsis With Supports

Hey guys,

I’m working on a project which requires me to analyse the loads of a form draped over poles.

I cant figure out how to define the poles and also the mesh to get the analyse outcome to work.

I’ve converted the mesh to the shell already but dont know where to go from there.


Trial_3_Drape_Poles.gh (28.7 KB)

Hi, there is an issue with scale here as the default units are meters. The supports also do not seemed to be defined properly. When I open it, all points of your mesh are supports.

Thanks for your reply Matthew!

My rhino file was set to millimeters so I’m not too sure what happened?

for the supports to be defined, would I bake them as an object in rhino?

The overall mesh is meant to be the fabric that is anchored by points on the poles.

Hi Sophie,

grasshopper itself has no units and Karamba users meters as the default unit. You can switch this using the Settings component. Please refer to some of our tutorial videos on how to set supports for shells.

Thanks Matthew,

I watched a tutorial #21 which put the beam element onto the surface.

However when I’m not sure how to move to the next step of analyzing the loads.

Trial_3_Drape_Poles.gh (28.2 KB)


  1. check the scale. is your building really 1km long?

  2. i do not know why you are converting your formfound mesh to a surface and then once again to a mesh for karamba

  3. Refer to this example Optimization of Column Positions - Karamba3D and this video on how to set up your definition properly: Karamba3D TidBits #24 Shells and Beams on Vimeo