Tapered shell cross section


I’ve been trying to analyse this tapered shell (drawn in Rhino) on Karamba. Grasshopper gives the correct volume but the incorrect mass of the shell (even when specifying the correct material). The only way I’ve gotten the mass to match what is expected is by adding a cross section that doesn’t actually correspond to the cross section of the model, therefore the results wouldn’t be accounting for the changing sections.

I was wondering if it is possible to map out the correct cross sections using the geometry I already have.

Thank you for your time!

shell 1.gh (51.4 KB)
wing model.3dm (250.3 KB)

Hi Luiza, you have defined the shell model incorrectly in Karamba3D. You need to input the axes geometry and not the entire shell with the thickness as a mesh (ie a solid). The reason why the mass is incorrect is that each mesh face that you input into Karamba gets thickened as you can see in the image below: