Canopy roof - create ringbeam at top

Hello everyone,

I have following model of a canopy structure made in concrete - however, in order for me to start a FEM analysis, I need to have right geometry. The canopy leafs creates an invers dome, which is why, the top is in tension, and therefore needs a ringbeam all around the perimeter. Is it possible to model that?

See pictures and model. Thanks for your help! (16.4 KB)


You mean something like this? (23.2 KB)

Hi Kim,

Thanks for your answer. It can be - but will it yield to problems later on with Karamba?
If so, the canopies should be increased such as it yields to an almost circular shape seen from top, as the “beams” should be connected to into a circular shape too. The purpose is to restrain the top from moving outwards, as it is in tension. (21.4 KB)

Hi, it is a bit confusing to understand what you want to exactly achieve. Do you want the surface to have this ring beam edge curve? Then you just have to include those arcs in the lofting process.

Also, as this a karamba3d unrelated question, please remove the karamba3d tag, so others could also assist you.