Karamba to GSA on Rhino 5 - Simple beam export

Hello guys,

I just set up a simple beam under a distributed load that is fixed at its extremities and analyzed it in Karamba. I’m now testing the ggGSA plug-in to export the model into GSA but when using the
ggKarambaToGSA component I get the following error:

“1. Field not found: ‘Karamba.Materials.FemMaterial.name’.”

I believe this must be a bug that is present in the Rhino 5 version, because I tested the same component on a Rhino 6 trial version and it seemed to work.

Now, does anyone know how to deal with this?

simplebeam.gh (24.7 KB)


The plugins are presently built against a specific build of Karamba.
If you can confirm (a direct message is fine) if you’re using GSA8.7 or gsa9 as well as Karamba 1.3.2
then I can send you a link to the latest build.



Yes Jon, these are the versions (GSA 8.7, Karamba 1.3.2) I was using together with ggGSA.

Would it be possible to have a build for Rhino6?

Thank you

Sure, you can use this link for those versions.

Let me know if you still have problems.