ggKarambaIFC Error


I am trying to export my simple structure that i have made in Grasshopper and analysed in Karamba as an IFC file to import it to Revit. When I assemble and use the ggKarambaIFC node though i get this error:

  1. Solution exception:Method not found ‘UInt32 Karamba.Materials.FemMaterial.get_ind()’.

and as an output I get “No data collected”.

I am currently using Karamba 1.3 WIP for Rhino5 and the latest version of GeometryGym (ggGHKaramba1.3.0 v0.1.08).

How do I fix this problem? Thanks

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for posting. I just uploaded new versions of the Karamba to IFC plugins to Update with the Rhino5 Karamba 1.3 msi and you should have more success. Let me know if not.



Thanks for the swift response. Also i think I need a license to get everything working. Can you kindly send me one? I am a student at the University of Padua in Italy working on this project for my Master Thesis. I’ll send you an e-mail with the request.

Can you help me with another problema that i am experiencing? I wanted to try and use the (ggRevit2017IFC v0.6.40.msi) plugin to export to Revit, but the plugin doesn’t appear on my Grasshopper dashboard after installation. I have tried installing also (ggRhino5Robot v1.2.12.msi) and this does seem to work.
I followed your installing instructions on the website but nothing seem to be working. Can you help me out also with this?



Sure, I’ll respond to your license request when I receive it.

The ggRevit plugins are Revit plugins and you will see that appear in the Revit Application.
You should also install ggRhinoIFC from the downloads page, this includes the ggRVT grasshopper components.



Thanks again! I completely misunderstood how that plugin worked!