ggRhinoGSA cross sections not assigned in GSA

It does not seem to work to assign cross sections in version of ggRhinoGSA.
When opening the model in GSA the cross sections says ‘None’;
However using the exact same grasshopper script but using version it works.
Using Rhino 7.
Are you aware of this?

Sorry for the problem. Which version of GSA are you running?
Have you nominated it on the bake component?

Does this file work?
220523 gsa beam (16.4 KB)

Can you please share a script that doesn’t work for you?




Thank you for replying and sorry for the late response.
I am using Oasys GSA 10.2 Build 6

No, that file does not work unfortunately, the cross sections are still not assigned in GSA.
Attached is a simple gh example
Exporting the gwa file and opening it in GSA 10.2 Build 6 works for this script if I use ggRhinoGSA, but not by using ggRhinoGSA
Also attached the two gwa-files produced by the different versions of ggRhinoGSA (13.4 KB)

(Attachment ggRhinoGSA236200.gwa is missing)

(Attachment ggRhinoGSA231177.gwa is missing)

No sorry, the gwa files attachments were rejected unfortunately.
But at least you got the gh-file I hope :slight_smile: