Maximum displacement Karamba is way too high and I don't know why

Final (140.6 KB)

I’m struggling with the grasshopper/karambamodel I’ve uploaded with this post. I’m making a highrisebuilding within grasshopper and want to anaylze the building via Karamba to see the maximum displacement. In other versions of the model the maximum displacement was only 18 centimeters (which is allowed, 20 cm would be the maximum allowed). However, in this model it is 2.17*10^7 cm. (and that is only with the gravity, windload and floorloads still have to be added!)
The only things different now are the differential heights of the floors and the placement of the outriggers. However, the way I’ve done it stays the same. Is anybody able to find my error? I’m sorry for the mess of the file, tried to keep it organised.

Another problem I have found is that for my floor meshes I want to use ‘meshBreps (karamba 3D)’ in order to include the points of the beams I have. However, it takes more than an hour to load that in and my laptop crashes, so if anyone maybe knows if I can use something different for that, it would help enormously. But well, one problem at a time.

Thank you!


is your karamba set to calculate in cm? I can see that your model is modelled in cm. Karamba interprets default input data as meters.

Hi Matthew, thank you so much, the model is now workin again! I also found the error with the MeshBreps (forgot to graft one of the inputs. Again, thanks!