Karamba components missing in Rhino 7 Evaluation


I am currently having issues using Karamba components in the new Rhino 7 evaluation. I initially created my Grasshopper script in the Rhino 6 evaluation but now that I have upgraded to the Rhino 7 evaluation I get this script when trying to open my Grasshopper file:

And after clicking download and install I get this message:

I found a post from Aug 2018 that seemed to have similar issues but that user was only missing a few components, where it seems that my license does not show up at all in the newer version of Rhino. I am sure I still have Karamba as it shows up in my Plug-ins under the Rhino 6 program files, so I even tried copying and pasting the Karamba plug-in files under my Rhino 7 program files, but the same error occurs.

Is anyone else having this same issue? Please let me know if you have solution to this!

Thank you,

Hi @nickcobsd ,

it seems there is an issue with your installation. Can you check if you have the latest 1.3.3 version of Karamba installed and that it appears in your grasshopper toolbar?

This error occurs if Karama is not properly installed or if an older version is installed.


Now that I have the updated 1.3.3 Karamba for Rhino 7 it states that I am using the trial version, when on Rhino 6 it allowed me to use my purchased EDU license. Can I not apply my previous purchased license to the newer Rhino 7?

Hi @nickcobsd, you might just have to run the same installation to load the license as you did for Rhino6 in order to the get the license up and running.