Karamba Beam View No Numbers

Hi there,

this might be a simple error on my side, but I would appreciate a pointer regardless.
The issue: The numeric values are not displayed on the internal force distributions of my graphs. This issue only appeared after I updated to the recent version or Rhino 6

I would appreciate if anyone can help me get the numerical values on the plot back!

I’m having the same problem with version I have published a similar topic yesterday.

Hi, we have actually find this bug and will be posting a new update on our Github page shortly.

Hi Matthew,
I appreciate your response! Can you post a brief message here, once the update is available?
Thank you!
Take care and greetings to B&G!

Hi sorry, it has been released on our github page Releases · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub

Great, that works! Thanks for fixing it so quickly.