Karamba numerical value


I’m using Karamba’s official sample file.
I checked 「Numbers」 of Beam View component, but numerical value do not show at segement.


Rhinoceros unit:m
Karamba unit:m

Thank to anybody willing to help!

01_SingleSpanBeam.gh (31.5 KB)

Hi, what do you mean the values do not show at segments?

The values at this point (red circle) do not show.

Is this normal?
I want to see the values at that point as possible.

Hello @kinu,
in the current build of Karamba3D only the minimum and maximum values of a cross section force diagram get annotated with numbers. The reason for this is, that in case of small segments the numbers intersect each other and get unreadable.
A workaround in your case would be to subdivide the beam into multiple segments, so that the numbers get displayed at their endpoints.
– Clemens

I understand.

Thank you for your help.