Karamba 3D - Beam View Component


I am currently trying to display the moment diagram in Karamba but I am having issues displaying the values at the maximum positive and negative moment locations. I have the “Numbers” icon activated on the Beam View Component as you can see in “Capture2”. However, in “Capture1” I still do not see the values displayed. Any ideas as to what is going on here?

Also, how would I go about displaying the section forces in Rhino along different points of the beam other than where the maximum occurs?




there is no image attached, but if you are changing the image resolution, the text actually does not scale up, but rather stays at the same size while the image itself is larger. This might be why your text is not visible.

Sorry. Must have forgotten to upload them. See attached.

I had to decrease my scale significantly in order to view my moment diagrams. If what you said above is the issue, how would I scale my text?


This was actually a bug that we have resolved in a nightly build version. Please see Karamba Beam View No Numbers - #3 by matttam

Sorry for the inconvenience.