Karamba - beam releases and relative displacement

Hi all,

I have two question about Karamba.

  1. I’m using it to analyze a diagrid structure where all elements are hinged and so under axial stress only. I need also to export this structure in SAP2000 to perform more detailed seismic analysis.

I was able to create this truss structure in karamba setting to ‘False’ the bending of the beams, but the problem is that once I export to SAP2000 trough the GeometryGym component I obtain a structure where all the joints are fixed, and there are no releases in the beams.

Is there an alternative way to obtain a structure with all the beams automatically released once exported in SAP200?

  1. Is there a way in Karamba to control the relative displacement between two points? As output of the model I can display only the Maximum Displacement.

Many Thanks in advance,


Hi @bru.cicero

  1. For the GeometryGym export you need to get in touch with Jon Mirtschin as he is developing this.
  2. You can use the NodalDisplacements component to view the displacement for specific points in your structure. You will receive the Translation and Rotational displacements as vectors.