Karamba vs Structural FEM software, SAP2000 etc

In the 1.3.1 manual, section 3.7 on Export: Karamba is not meant to substitute a full-blown structural engineering FEM software….

It seems that the geometry, load scenarios, supports, material properties – all basic parameters are possible to specify. And then the results are fed back - stress in elements, displacement, deflection etc…, which should allow for necessary structural design decisions.

I’m only an architect, so, what am I missing here? Grateful for advice,

Ingemar Saevfors

Hi @ingemar, Karamba cannot export the structural reports that one needs for designing structures but you can obtain results using different components. Also Karamba is at the moment takes only Eurocode 3 (steel construction) in mind.

Hi again Matthew,
If you are familiar with SAP2000 (much used in Asia and Latin America), what would then be the difference compared to Karamba?

sorry for the late reply. I am not sure what you mean by what is the difference. Karamba3D has many features that most FE programs offer, but the key is that it should not replace any of those programs. Karamba3D can be used in the schematic design and design development stages to perform quick, interactive analyses of different design options, but during the later design phases, a program such as SAP2000 would be required to perform the final code checks.

OK, I see your point, … but the code requirements could be researched separately outside Karamba once we have the structural challenges expressed in MPa etc? It will take more time of course but in my case, developing new bamboo construction methods, there are very few codes established anyway.
Thanks for the clarification,