Surfaces not responding to Kangaroo physics

Hello all,

I am attempting to recreate small portion the structural elements of Taichung Opera house by Toyo Ito. I have been following along a video I found to create it, but unfortunately the video is not as thorough as i wouldve liked and the some of the pieces are missing. If anyone could just review the script that i have and see if maybe i made a mistake somewhere and i can do the rest! I just need a nudge in the right direction. also attached is an image of what i eventually will have after completing this small portion. but if there is a more efficient way to get there, than the path ive chosen id love to learn more about it

Tutorial video i was followingOpera House plan.3dm (2.6 MB)
opera house (69.6 KB)

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This project was actually not done with relaxation, but with a Catmull-Clark subdivision mesh (I didn’t work on it myself, but saw some of it going on back when I was in the Arup AGU, who worked on this). You could do this now with Weaverbird, or with the new Rhino subd tools.

See page 49 in these proceedings for a bit more info about the project:

I’m happy to help if you do want to pursue the relaxation approach, but the result would be something different to what is shown in your images, and doing this with subdivision is probably easier.

Either way, the hardest part is probably creating the initial coarse quad mesh.


Awesome, thank you for the info! Sorry if this a dumb question but what to you mean by relaxation? Do you mean like the relaxing of the hard edges to make a more organic curved shape?

Im gonna check out your pdf and get back to you.

Kangaroo uses a form of dynamic relaxation, where points are moved iteratively to minimise energy. By contrast, subdivision calculates new positions for vertices from a weighted combination of their connected vertices, and with each level of subdivision you add more vertices.
Both can be a way to get from straight edges to something more curved.


Did you follow this video?

though not perfect here’s an old attempt: (29.0 KB)

maybe also check these (in case you haven’t):

Alright update everyone!! I’ve attempted the videos (thank you for those) and can not come up with a way to aggregate the modules to fully represent the structure of the Taichung Opera House. I have tried to go the Weaver bird route but I just dont know enough to make a break through. If anyone could help me out with the last part of this script i would be forever grateful! And if you just dont want to give a flat out answer any hints, clues or suggestions as to what to do would be still be very much appreciated!