Make kangaroo mesh structure smoother and equal

Hey guys,
I try to do this structure in kangaroo, but it does not come out like I wanted it to be. I was wondering if there is a way to make it more “bubbly” and smoother? And maybe someone can also tell me how I can make the structure a bit more equal in height?

I wanted to get something more like that:

problems kangaroo (28.5 KB)

First the “quality” of the flat mesh is a factor. Then … there’s a vast variety of ways to “better” control the final vault topology. For instance you can define elastic anchors using inner vertices like these:

And for realistic reasons use various techniques for the inner outer boundaries anchors:

That said if selected anchors (i.e. anchors on selected naked vertices) are used you must define different spring values for the naked edges VS the clothed ones.

I have tons of similar (i.e vault type) examples but are all carried 100% via C# code. Notify if you think that a similar approach could be useful for you.

Thanks for your quick reply, but as I am not familiar with scripting I was searching for a way to do this without the C#

Well … that’s unfortunate I guess.

BTW: Another “technique” is to provide K2 a more suitable basis (i.e. a grid + conic portions) to work (shown with the outer boundary vertices static for clarity):

Screen Shot 079
Screen Shot 023

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Cool! Thanks a lot!

As @PeterFotiadis says - it can often be good to make a more structured quad mesh as the input.
This can allow greater control of the form, and can also come in handy later on for fabrication.
I just wrote out a long post about this in this thread.
Here the shape seems quite suited to generating this quad mesh by thickening curves like this: (26.3 KB)
(you’ll need this component Fattener.gha)


Hi Peter, do you mind to share the definition if you still have it? Thanks.