Relax mesh while keeping shape

Hi guys

I’m trying to relax a mesh (using Kangaroo) while keeping the original mesh shape. When i run the relaxation the mesh settles on the plane as only the boundary is fixed. I need the relaxed mesh to have the same outer shape as the original.

Any help would be much appreciated. (27.8 KB)

Any reason for using the older version of Kangaroo? Kangaroo2 has Mesh Goals to deal with these problems easily -
Mesh_relax (1).gh (30.8 KB)

Hi qythium

Thank you for your reply. What I’m trying to achieve is a top view of the mesh edges that looks like the image below. Still the “new” mesh edges needs to lie on the old mesh more or less.

I’m not sure if I understand fully - are you looking at changing the structure of the mesh (i.e. remeshing) or just moving vertices around?

From your picture it looks like you’ll have huge pointy triangles near the bottom/ outside and tiny triangles near the top, is that correct?

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Here’s how you can keep the vertices on the original mesh as they relax


Thank you qythium and Daniel

Your solution is exactly what I need Daniel. But is it possible to have the anchor points move along the boundary? I’m thinking the On Curve component but I can’t manage to place it correctly.

Here you go: (30.9 KB)


Thanks! :smiley: