Kangaroo with Real Life Units (Prestress, Material Properties and Loading)

I am currently making a test-model of wind and its effects on membrane architectures with Kangaroo.

I’d like to make the same (or at least similar) realistic membrane structures suggested in this paper.
[Analysis and design of membrane structures: Results of a round robin exercise. Gosling, P. D., et al.]
A membrane structure with
-Material properties (wrap and fill modulus, poisson’s ratio and shear modulus)
-Loading (membrane’s selfweight)
with Kangaroo.

I looked up K2 Engineering examples and other posts dealing with real units of kangaroo but I couldn’t find up an appropriate example so far.

Are those parameters not compatible with Kangaroo?
If so, which is the best way to make the realistic membrane structures with the Kangaroo?


problem with real units.gh (23.1 KB)