Tent Simulation with real forse and material Kangaroo

Hi! I’m trying to build a realistic tent tension model with the use of kangaroo.
I am new to this topic and would really appreciate your advice.
The fabric I am trying to model is classic oksford 600D, made from Polyester with these values of Modulus of elasticity: 2.06-4.41
The thing i am trying to understand - how to calculate the curvature of sides, to prevent drooping of fabric to prevent rainfall accumulations.

The tensile force of the ribs is provided by a structural unit as in the picture in attachment.

I saw information on web, that meters should be used as modeling unit.
But can not understand how to provide real forces to the solver.

Simple tent description

Structural corner unit, allowing to add tension to the ribs.

My definiton (not sure i am corectly applying ribs tension)

tension test.gh (22.1 KB)

My attemps

The thing i am trying to understand, how to get calculate this curvature

Also i came across this post with definition of forse, may be you can help to understand how to apply it