Kangaroo with real life units

I am running a form finding analysis for a draped catenary structure fro a solar array. Kangaroo has been great so far, but we are starting to need real life numbers. Mostly, we want to be able to apply real life weight, and tensile strength numbers to our panels so we can accurately model how these panels with drape and then use that geometry to accurately calculate our solar energy output. This is extra important because we are trying to optimism for cost of structure vs energy production.

Can someone explain how the “strength” input works? Like if I wanted to apply gravity (32.2ft/s/s) to a 15lb panel, what strength should I put for the force?


Hi Cameron,
Have a look at this thread:

Which describes how to set the input values for real world units and measure stresses.
To simplify this process, you could also look at the K2engineering plugin, which does some of this conversion for you.

Do you know how to install k2engineering? I can’t seem to figure it out nor can I find a read me with install instructions.

I believe you just need to download the gha from:
then unblock and drop it in your Grasshopper components folder

I have now updated the readme file with installation instructions. Hopefully that will help: