Strctural analysis with Kangaroo2


does anyone knows about good tutorial to perform structural analysis with Kangaroo2 (if such analysis is possible with K2)?


Hi @es.londo

What kind of structural analysis are you looking to do?

With Kangaroo you can use real material and load values and calculate displacements and stresses for certain types of structures, such as axial members and rods in bending. So for example, if you have a cable structure, or a pin jointed space frame, you can use real Young’s modulus and section sizing to calculate the correct input values.
You can do these calculations yourself, and I’ve made a few posts on this forum about how to do this, or you can use K2Engineering, which builds on top of Kangaroo and does these calculations for you as well as adding further components for things like evaluating the stresses.

The primary focus of Kangaroo though is form-finding - such as finding minimal surfaces, catenary vaults, elastica, CMC surfaces, etc. and other types of geometric optimisation.

If you want to do more general structural analysis using shells and beams, you might want to look at Karamba.

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Thank you very much @DanielPiker. This hints are helpful to get me going. I would like to do mainly stress and wind analysis.

Specifically it would be on a timber gridshell. If you know about any good tutorial with K2 or Karamba, would be super helpful to know.


Hi @es.londo

You can find some example files for K2Engineering here: K2Engineering/Examples at master · CecilieBrandt/K2Engineering · GitHub

Perhaps the gridshell example is useful to you.