K2 eng inflation

Dear friends,
I did this little inflation experiment trying K2 engineering for more reality, but I found parameters confusing. I am a designer not good in physics, so I spent some time do the search, and it turns out the young modulus of fabric is usually around 2000mpa, and the pressure in it is something like 6k pa so the input p should be around 6, but when I do the simulation I found this number is just too large that simulation failed. So I only have to use very very small pressure. I could not understand why… Besides the area input also confused me: what is it and how to calculate it?
maybe I missed something or got something wrong. Hope you can help me.

BTW, I found that unfortunately K2 engineering is slower.

the first pic is part of K2 engineering process.
the second is part of the kangaroo2 process.

I really want to visualize bar force by color mesh, but I don’t know how to realize that.

Thanks in advance!!
Here is my file.
K2 ENG & K2 inflation test.gh (36.3 KB)

This is actually a 2 step process. First you start with the Formfinding part. You do the formfinding with the Kangaroo standard components. Here you go unitless. This means that this stage is purelly geometric. Once you obtain the desired shape only then you do the materialization and analysis. You define the material for your formfound mesh, aplly service pressure (the realistic one) and any external loads you might want to apply in K2 and plug it all in into a second Kangaroo solver. I hope @DanielPiker could give a properly deffined example, because I don’t have any experience with K2.