Kangaroo Solver Output Mesh Different From Simulation

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I’ve just recently started trying out grasshopper and I wanted to create a dome surface that sits on a flat rectangular(ish) shape. I was trying with kangaroo with the wind and spring force and was able to get the simulation of my desired shape. However for some reason I’m not able to output the simulated dome shape, and the actual output shape is just a flat mesh surface. Please help me see if I’m missing some important steps or if any of the settings are incorrect.
Any answer is appreciated! Many thanks!


rf-srf-02.gh (13.1 KB)

Your geometry is over 4300000000 units away from the origin.
This will cause tolerance issues for many functions in Rhino and Grasshopper.

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Hi, Thank you very much for the answer. I’ve moved the points closer to the origin and indeed i was able to get a mesh data at the output. But after moving everything, the mesh is getting weird and I’m not getting a continuous dome surface as shown in the initial post. I’ve re-written the file from scratch to avoid bad behavior. Any idea why is this happening? And btw, is the strength parameter of the spring component dependent on the modeling unit? (I’m building my model on a millimeter unit so I suppose strength should be somewhere over ten thousand or if it’s way to much?)

rf-srf-03.gh (15.4 KB)

Internalize your points.

This works ok here…

rf-srf-02 (1).gh (12.0 KB)

I´d also put a lot more strenght in the anchor point. This is if you want the final mesh to share the same coordinates for its anchor points.


Sorry my bad. Here’s the internalized file.
rf-srf-03.gh (12.3 KB)

And thank you for the updated file as well. It helps a lot getting that mesh finally baked. Did you just move the points without re-editing any of the content? Didn’t know if the program can automatically recalculate successfully so I started a new file, which still didn’t work anyway. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just moved the surface center to 0,0,0 and got the coordinates for your point from there.

rf-srf-03.gh (15.4 KB)

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Ah ok I see! Thank you very much!!

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