Kangaroo2: "show" problem

Recently, I was trying to simulate bamboo structures.

The top scripts can simulate successfully

However,I would like to add more points between curves for simulation.

it gonna have problem of kangaroo.

I discovered that if I enabled the “show”, color of kangaroo componet will be normal.
I pressed button to simulate, the green geometry showed immediately and then disappeared.

So, I have no idea how to fix the button script of picture. Try_tutorial_rivised.gh (44.3 KB)

It’s because some of the points are very close together and segments are getting collapsed in the initialisation. Change the tolerance setting to 0.0001 and this problem goes away.

Also - for this type of non-developable gridshell it can sometimes be good to let the crossing points slide along the rods during the form finding. I did make a while ago a new goal for this - I’ll try and post it soon.


thank for your suggestion.
It very work!

yeah, I tried to let points slide along curves by looked for componet like “On Mesh” or something else.
but I can’t figure out.

I am look forward to new method can make the goal.!!!