Kangaroo simulation doesn't treat points as connected

I’m trying to do a simulation on a network, however, kangaroo doesn’t simulate the net as expected. It generates new points and disconnected the network, regardless I used same input. Is it something to do with the tolerance? Any idea how I can fix it?

kangaroo simulation dome.gh (18.9 KB)

Please seethe screenshot and the corresponding gh file.
Many thanks.

Hi @vapeurz

Yes - this is the tolerance setting.

Because of how your input lines are constructed via intersect and shatter, there are tiny gaps between the end points. ‘Tolerance’ is the distance below which almost coincident points will be combined. So it needs to be increased here. The default is 0.0001, and increasing that to 0.001 is enough here
It looks like you also don’t have all 60 of the base points anchored.