Kangaroo Madness!

Hello, everybody!

I come again with questions. You see that as I practice more, I get more confused.
Now, this is what I’m trying to make in Kangaroo:
Given a Curve, I divide it at N and Random Reduce it to get Random Points on the curve to be used as Anchors for Kangaroo 2.
With the curve a either make it a planar surface on rhino or I make the surface in Grasshopper then,
So, the reason Why I’m doing this is to have a form anchored to random points , but I get weird results.
But even if I place the points myself at the edge of the surface I don’t get it to work.
Also, I’m getting an error on the O output of the mesh.

Here’s a screen and the files.
I’ve been following tutorials but I always get the same result.

My reference for this came when I was trying to sleep and thought about the MOS Architects, PS1-Pavilion and thought “Hey, maybe with Kangaroo”

*kanga_practice_1.3dm (2.6 MB) kanga_practice_1.gh (14.4 KB) *

Best regards!

According to your screen capture, it seems there’s no relations between your anchors and mesh vertices. Anchor points should be among some of your mesh vertices themselves.

Or you can choose the same number of mesh vertices as your random points(points on the curve) and use the random points as target anchors.

That’s what I thought at first since sometimes I got two anchors setup properly. And those where the ones that lay near a mesh vertice.

you mean in the Mesh settings module?

kanga_practice_1_re.gh (15.1 KB)


Oh, my I understood exactly what you did.
It boggles me how I forgot about closest point. I read about it always and think “How can I use it”, lol.
I guess practicing is working.

The only thing I don’t get is what is coming out of the Bouncy Solver to need the explode tree module?