Anchor points


(Joseluissp23) #1

Hi there,
I have been going through Kangaroo and sometimes i have problems with the anchor points both Kangaroo2 and Kangaroo 1. The reason is that when I set the anchor point from a mesh and move them away form the mesh plane kangaroo does not recognize them. The attached example is a bit different and complex, but basically when i reference the points from a mesh onto a curve not contained within the mesh plane and set those points as anchor point, well those anchor points are just ignored when i run the simulation.
any idea why?
Anchor%20points (19.2 KB)

thanks in advance.

(Lina) #2

Hi @joseluissp23,

I am using Kangaroo2 here, seems to work just fine, have a look: (19.0 KB)


(Joseluissp23) #3

Hi Rina,
thank you very much for the help. the target input within the anchor point parameter was the missing part. Now works perfectly.

thank you very much for the help.