Kangaroo Anchor Points problem


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Hi Everyone,

I am starting to learn Kangaroo basics. I want to test the particle-spring system on a simple polyline to bend it as an arc.

But when i run the Kangaroo Engine, my particles fall down because my springs disappeared.
When i connect only one of my anchor points, i can see them…

I might done something wrong but i don’t know what. Can someone help me please?

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(Clementeremy) #2

I am using Grasshopper on Rhino mac with Kangaroo Physics 0.099

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(Arqmorelos1) #3

I recommend you to get the current version of kangaroo http://www.food4rhino.com/app/kangaroo-physics I cannot open your file because I dont have the old solver anymore, but from what I remember in this version there’s an AnchorXYZ component, I think you should connect your anchor points into this one (the curve’s end points) and then into the solver. cheers

(Clementeremy) #4

Thank you @arqmorelos1 for your answer.

I downloaded Kangaroo 2 but this is not where the problem comes from. When i use Kangaroo with a meshplane, there is no problem (as in kangaroo 0.099).

So it might come from the fact that i am using a polyline and not a mesh from what i understand.
Because when i want to apply the same logic to a single line, nothing happen this time…

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You were supposed to connect “t” output of Divide Curve to shatter’s “t” input, instead of “P”(Point) output…21e169838ce076cd3215cd953616d6f927e57b3d

(Clementeremy) #6

I feel really ashamed…

Thank you @HS_Kim for opening my eyes once again.