Kangaroo inflation with collision

Hi, I’ve searched around, and tested for a little while myself a bit stuck with a thing I’m trying to do. I’m inflating a surface, created between 2 curves, but in the inflation, I’m trying to define the collide solide (that would deform the inflated surfaces) but without any success. Can anyone help me out with this issue?

2021.05.17 Romanita question.gh (243.0 KB)

Your file did not include all curves and the curves I used were intersecting with the collision geometry which I’m not sure if that might have caused a problem too. In any way, I trimmed the curve ends a bit so they don’t overlap. Then I lofted the two curves since that’s really all you need. A simple stupid surface that can be turned into a mesh.

Inflation works best with triangles and you can use TriRemesh to create a nice mesh. If the definition of the result is not good enough, use a smaller edge length on the TriRemesh component.

For the collision, I extruded your surface much higher than required. It would also work with a smaller thickness.

2021.05.17 Romanita question.gh (74.5 KB)


Thank you! it’s just what i was trying to achieve. Had to update rhino to have kangaroo’s triangulation, but worth it.

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