Noob Kangaroo question (Curve Collide)

Hello internet friends,

I’m trying to get Kangaroo to help with a layout problem, and I’m very close. I have 2 questions:

1 - in the attached file, the Stars were referenced from Rhino geometry and behave much better than the “real” example where the Stars are GH objects. Am I correct in the assumption that Kangaroo prefers existing Rhino objects? or can it work with gh geometry?

2 - I need the stars to stay out of the box, but to stay on the arc. I also need to eliminate overlaps, with new locations as close as possible to the old locations. That seems to work fine. However, I need to add a small space between each one, and that is my final hurdle.

Any help would be appreciated! (19.6 KB)

Another detail - the Curve Collide component seems to not fully “see” all of the intersections. The Solver will converge, but there will be these overlaps left unaffected:


Hi Declan,

To answer your first questions-

  1. Kangaroo behaves exactly the same whether given geometry generated directly in Rhino or geometry created purely in Grasshopper.
  2. To create a small gap, I think the easiest will be to offset the geometry outwards and use that for the collisions, then reference the original geometry to the new frames. I’ll post an example in a bit.

About the second post - I don’t see this part in the original file you uploaded. Do you have an example with just that bit? (16.3 KB)

Thanks @DanielPiker for the two answers - very helpful. Offsetting the curves is the solution for the gap.

You are correct - the file I uploaded is a generic example, since I cannot upload the problem file (proprietary info). Your .gh file is very interesting, but I can’t rotate the shapes at all - they must remain in their original location. The adjustment is ONLY in their locations along the guide crv.

I saw (in an older post) that the crv collider might only work on XY plane. Is that still the case?