Cloth/fabric drape-like MESH in GS using Kangaroo2

I am trying to play with some cloth/fabric drape-like MESH in GS using Kangaroo2.

Mesh (2D)->
-> Mesh edges -> Line length
-> Mesh vertices -> Load
-> Mesh vertices -> Listing 3-4 points -> Anchor

all this goes in the solver and I get some kind of drape, hanging on the anchor points

the way I can adjust the “physical” qualities of the drape is using a different factor for the LOAD VECTOR or a different value for the LENGTH LINE STRENGTH.

so in general I input a 2D mesh and get a mesh like a hanging drape as an output

my question here would be, is there some kind of way to reverse engineer this, so I can input the form of an already hanging drape and get the starting 2D Mesh of it as an output (of course inputting again the load vector factor, the length line strength, the anchor points etc. so I can get the same result at the end)?

EDIT: I think you are after the “smooth” component, maybe together with LengthLine and OnPlane, all in Kangaroo

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thank you! it’s not absolutely perfect, but it’s exactly what I was looking for <3