Kangaroo bend

Does anyone know how to do this!?

Here’s a basic approach for the Kangaroo part - edge springs to resist stretch, and hinges to resist bending. Note the small gaps between vertices in the flat starting mesh where you want cuts.
expandingsheet.gh (19.9 KB)


Thanks Daniel!

Do you happen to know why the components wont load even though I downloaded Kangaroo 2.5 beta.

Which version and service release of Rhino are you running?

Rhino 6. SR13 2019-2-27

It works now!


You can also do this with remeshing:


Amazing! Sorry I’m a newbie when it comes to kangaroo. Can you explain how this can be done with remeshing?

Much appreciated!

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing the kangroo part of this. Would you also be able to please explain how it was initially set up with the cuts on the mesh?

Many thanks

Hi Zainab,
In the file I posted above the initial mesh with slits was created manually in Rhino by joining separate meshes and moving control points if I recall correctly.
I think it should be possible to make a script to make this step easier though.

Thank you Daniel, will give that a go.