Kangaroo not working with some points

Hello everyone!

I’m having quite a few trouble with some points I created using Kangaroo. Fow somehow, the plugin doesnt recognize them as anchors…Does anyone know why/what have I done wrong?

It’s probably something simple but I can’t figure it out…

Thank you to everyone who has read it this far
Ps: I’m attaching my code below in case someone wants to take a lot on it

R04_CoberturaGH.gh (61.3 KB)

Your anchors points are working and staying in place, the trouble is the mesh isn’t connected to all of them.
If you want to anchor a part of the mesh, you need to have a vertex coinciding with the anchor.

Here you find the closest items among this set of points and anchor them, but the set of points you input don’t have any connection to the mesh vertices.