[Kangaroo 2] Can not solve errors in Thallus curve simulation

kangaroo 2 morphed curve on a lofted surface practice.gh (35.2 KB)

Hi, I try to make the Thallus curve on a lofted surface by using Kangaroo 2.
There is an error on the Solver component, but I really do not know what part is wrong and why. I have been trying to solve this the whole night.

The code consists of 3 parts.
Parts 1 and 2 are preparation for simulation, like making the boundary rectangle and base curve for simulation and making the lofted surface as a target surface when I run Map to Surface component.
Part 3 is the actual simulation. I guess the problem is here.


In case you haven’t found these posts yet, the samples and discussion may be helpful …


for both the collider and on mesh parameters use the end points you’re using or the control points of the lines.

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Thank you very much!
So simple yet so hard to figure out!

The kangaroo 2 feels difficult. I guess the reason is I lack an understanding of the principles of the Kangaroo simulation. But this is something not easy to find. Most tutorials teach you how to do it, but just don’t explain much about the reason.
I tried to read the grasshopper doc, but the concise explanations don’t help much.
I tried to read threads on forums, but each case is a little bit different, if you lack the understanding, you just hard to make others experience yours.

May I ask you if you know any source that has a good explanation of the principles of Kangaroo physics?


Thank you for the reply! That is very helpful. Much better than mine, I learned a lot from the thread!

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