Differential Growth simulation kangaroo and line growth

bunnyline linegrowthgradual.gh (45.4 KB)
squiggler.gh (38.4 KB)
Trying to achieve these kind of growth using @DanielPiker definition but unable achieve what he did in the reference image. In rhino 6 and kangroo 2 for grasshopper. The old thread in grasshopper3d forum is not useful

It seems working fine in GH1.0, R6.
Just try to increase the slider value slowly fr 1 after starting your simulation.

squiggler_re.gh (40.3 KB)


It’s not working even i slowly increase the value it covers a little area of geometry not fully functioning

It’s totally fine for me. Have no idea why it’s not the case for you. Reset the solver and please try again.:thinking:

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Now it is working perfectly thank you :blush: