Kangaroo curve simple growth

hello i m trying to create something like this where the growth is extreme at the top but at the buttom it should be almost a straight line, can someone help me please?
i have tried dividing the original curve with evaluate curve and made the points only on the top part of the curve and for the stength of Length(line) i ve put a specific value of 1 and the others are high(around 40) just to make sure i get what i wanted

plus i keep having wrong curve interpolating like the grasshopper image shows! any help please!
3d printing clay new version.gh (18.8 KB)

in order for this tool to work well, you have to begin with a small radius

Reset the solver and augment the radius.

Here’s a version (similar to the one I posted here)
that uses a coloured mesh to determine the sizing, and automatically gradually increases the length to avoid crossovers
growthcurvegradient.gh (116.5 KB)


this is great but is there anyway we can put the buttom part as a line ? im sorry i dont really use kangaroo alot :confused: , i want exactly the picture you sent here just the buttom part to have much less growth(following the function of a wall)

or maybe could you send me the values exactly you inserted? to get the visual in the image exactly?

Here’s a modification that fixes the bottom edge in place.

growthcurvegradient.gh (123.5 KB)

You need to let it run a while to fill the space, then pause the trigger to stop the growing and set the toggle to False to stop the simulation