Just how does one select an item if its in a group?

I have googled this, searched this in help, can’t see it yet it has to be a commonplace need.

With my various curves etc grouped, how can I select a line within the group. To have to ungroup to get at a line or curve then try and select all the objects again and regroup them defeats the point of grouping them in the first place.

I want to delete out some lines in a grouping and to select them then hit delete without having to ungroup what is a complex assembly on many layers.

In Macromedia Freehand it was Ctrl right click and that would sub select the item, something like that would be useful.


Sub-object selection in Rhino is done by holding down Ctrl+Shift, then picking or Windows selecting. There are a few situation where this doesn’t work in V5 but it generally does work. V6 will have more sub-object selection.


Thanks for the prompt reply and answer, 7 mins…

Now I know, annoying though that one types ‘select within a group’ into help search and nothing gets found.

even google found nothing.

Unless one finds the exact wording I guess, pre-guessing possible user word sets would assist the use of McNeelsearch engine when its being programmed.


Hi John,

Steve is working in V4.
iirc V4 does not have thisvoption of Sub-Selecting within a group.
Or does it?


Hi Willem,
It did work in V4

I would go over to V5 but havent time to mess around altering the colours and grid etc etc interface to how V4 was., or how I have V4. V5 is all very grey and dull, I need light backgrounds to allow my poor quality ancient plans that I place into Rhino with PictureFrame to show clearly.


Hi, Steve
In V4 try: Options → Export Options…
exports you options to a .ini file that you can import it into V5. Appearance (Colors) should export–import as well.

Hi adXok
That would I assume be Tools>Options, up comes Rhino options but nothing there for export options.

Tools however has an export options , I have exported that as V4.ini

How do I export appearance colours though. I go File>properties>appearance>colors and see nothing for exporting my settings.

Its the interface colours background shades, grid colours, I also even need to darken the background shade of the tools icons as the white details in the tools icons are not showing against the icon background colours, e.g. I open the curves dialog and can’t see the white lines I am used to in V4. I need to see these to use the tools.


Hi Steve- run the ExportOptions command in V4 ( Tools menu , and, in V5, reversed to OptionsExport - and OptionsImport.


Yeah, Steve… sorry, my bad. I meant: Tools → Export Options…
Appearance and Color settings should export as well in the same .ini file.
P.S. English is not my native language btw

exported ini file and imported to V5 and I have my 3D world as per V4 :slight_smile:
Light and airy, no grey smog !

However I still cant see the white details in the tools icons.
see image attached… how do we adjust the pale blue backgrounds ? I am seeing black lines with points on ends but they all look the same.

Actually it would cause greater problems for some users, McNeel must consider people who are colour blind as they simply wouldnt see the white, 5 tools there would appear as same. UK has laws against this !

Also is there an easy way to hide the entire palette set at right, I used to move it right in to 1cm of edge then double click it to get it to roll out, giving me a decent size screen to work on, and thats with a 24inch monitor, this V5 one has Properties and layers and display and help and is mopping up a massive 20% of my screen width…it has to go !

How can I dock the properties and have it accessible from top menu not side ? Tried pulling it out and dropping it at top but no joy.


Found it,
Appearance >colours >window color 1 , changed it to something darker, grey…sorted !
Now I can see those white details in the tool rollouts.

I hope tomorrow V5 holds onto the settings as today it had reverted to default again despite importing the V4 ini file yesterday !


This was already answered a month ago in your thread Import properties from V4 to V5 …how?