Jumbled tool panel and overlapping command lines in Rhino 5

I’m a beginner here but know the basics. I started having a problem with my rhino 5 program shortly after I purchased it but haven’t had the time to deal with it. Hopefully you can help. Example: I open rhino, go to view, under background bitmap I click “place”. The whole rhino screen minimizes and once I “place” and try to enlarge the window, all of the tool panels get jumbled up as well as all of the other options on the screen overlapping each other. It’s very frustrating as I have no idea what is happening. I am working on a surface pro 3, 64 bit operating system, x64-based processor, running on windows 10. Here is the screenshot of what happens as soon as I click on “place” under background bitmap and maximize the window.

And here is the “about” image from my rhino program, it is also scrambled so had no “copy to clipboard” option.

I hope that this is nothing serious as I’m not too tech savvy and have not had this program long.
Thanks for your time!

See if this helps:

Hi. Yes it worked! Thank you, your link lead me directly to an option that resolved my problem. Here is a screen shot of the fix.