Joint idea & Ngon question

To create joint i use Facet Dome and Ngon remesh, the best thing that Ngon remesh have option to relax mesh and work very fast just one problem with vertices as shown in picture.
Thanks @Petras_Vestartas for this awesome addon.
Why these vertices are not culled?

joint (14.2 KB)

It is because after remeshing you have different points for naked edges.

Here is original cylinders:

And after remeshing you can keep boundary vertices:

But then you would need smooth that part:

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Thanks , yes i used that before but didn’t give me a good result, loops option remove unnecessary vertices except two always

Then I think you need to find a way to newly recreate pipes based on node.

For now i use this method to remove faces with small areas

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Another way how it is normally done is that you compute convex hull 3D for end of nodes.

I think you even can do it from singe points of axis end points.
This is how exoskeleton works:

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Thanks , i tested exoskeleton long time ago but it didn’t give a good result; looks like stretched gum

As I recall, you should be able to control the amount of webbing/smoothing with Exoskeleton by how far you offset the nodes, and how you subdivide the struts between them. It’s been a while since I used it or touched that code though.
For the next release of the MultiPipe command there will also be a Grasshopper component that outputs quad meshes/SubDs.


Very nice , how the result looks in the corners?

Good question - the plan is to have some options for this. Sometimes you might want ‘elbow pads’, sometimes not.

I didn’t finish the ‘elbow pad’ option for the general case yet.


Very nice , i don’t know how this work but look like subdivision in blender where we can add loop edge to make corner looks sharper, is an option like this will be available ?