NGon Joints, Edge Omission?

Hello @Petras_Vestartas,
I have a question about the joints / element solver - you can see in the file and screenshot that a few edges are omitted from the joint tile application. I can’t figure out what is causing this. Any insight? I believe all mesh faces are planar and all edges match. Thank you. (32.8 KB)

I have not looked at the file. But I guess the sides are not planar within the tolerance.

I guess it is possible to tweek it when scaling the whole geometry.

Edited: It’s a wrong solution.

Planarize it.

I assume the same, Petras - I’ll keep tinkering with it.
@Quan_Li thanks - the mesh is already planar from a previous step. If you look carefully in your screenshot, those same edges are still not returning the finger joints.

For what it’s worth, everything seems quite planar -

On compas_wood (continuation of ngon joinery methods development library) seems to work:

In some cases you have out of plane connections (too large angle to cut with CNC), since angle is a bit bigger, but besides that seems to be a valid geometry:

By the way a very nice data-set :slight_smile:


Thanks, Petras - my first attempt was with compas_wood, but had some trouble sorting out the insertion vectors.

I then tried NGon to see if I could make a quicker go of it. I’ll try again with compas - if you have any hints on applying insertion vectors to multiple faces simultaneously (I assume this can’t be done manually, at least not very efficiently), that would be great.

The parts will be cut on a 5-axis waterjet (2" foam, for now), so I’m not concerned with angles below 59 deg. :+1:

*edit - while I’m interested in the above, I am realizing insertion is not my problem. The issue with those particular mesh edges still remains, even with compas_wood …

I see in your version those same edges are treated differently - they are assigned different joints. Why might this be? A few of them remain empty as well. :face_with_monocle:


I can prepare the following week with an example that ignore this. I set the angle property for cnc, but for sure it can be adapted.

It seems to work properly.
I will update the GitHub repo and give instructions for installation on the documentation page.

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Thank you, Petras! Will post an update later this week.